Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We can all start drooling now

PICT1364_2Ooooh... Ahhhh

Grant Cunningham has his latest project gun up. The scarce and highly coveted 3" model 66 S&W. The owner sent it to Grant who explains "he wanted a much better action thanit came with, he wanted to make it easier to handle, and he wanted it to look good."

Looking at the gun, I think Grant did a good job of making it look great.  I'd love to see how it shoots, but alas I don't think I'll be finding a 3" 66 to send off to him anytime soon.  I'm still a little disappointed that CDNN ran out of the 3" 65s before I could jump on  one, I'm just glad Judge didn't get one, that'd been unbearable.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No Second Place Winner

"The only dependable way to learn to shoot a handgun is to start with deliberate, aimed, single action fire at a bull's-eye target until the fundamentals of trigger squeeze and sight alignment are thoroughly mastered....Good habits well learned stay with us for years. Bad habits seem to stay forever."

-Bill Jordan

Sometimes I think I jump ahead to quickly. This year I vow to work more on my fundamentals.