Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Folks, to anyone who actually gets to this page, if you can spare the bucks, please help out my niece who's participating in IU's Dance Marathon to benefit Riley Children's Miracle Network.

Thanks a bunch, this is a good charity and I'm proud of my niece.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The inevitable AR followup

Michael Bane has the scoop on Ruger's new rifle following their AR introduction earlier this year.  The SR22 is a 10/22 wrapped in AR trappings.  You can throw AR15 accessories at it to customize it as you wish and yet shoot the economical .22lr cartridge all day to get your trigger time.  The rifle looks good and with the proven 10/22 action and barrel, I'm sure it shoots as good as advertised.  The premise Ruger (and Michael) want us to believe is that we can use this rifle as a surrogate to an AR15.
I'm afraid it isn't that easy.  You see, while this rifle looks similar to an AR15, it simply isn't, the safety selector isn't in the same place, the mags aren't the same, the trigger isn't the same and the bolt most certainly isn't the same.  So what? you may ask.  Well, if you're wanting to get practice with a firearm, you should practice with THAT firearm, not something similar.  I'm sorry, but there are good, cheap conversion kits for AR15s and S&W did it right by making an AR15 in .22lr.  So if you want to shoot a 10/22 that looks like an AR, go forth and purchase this gun, if you want true practice with an AR cheaply, buy an AR and convert it to .22lr.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dreaming of Texas

Work has settled down a bunch for me after last week and after a full summer of all work and no play, I've been itching for the play part.  Judge, Copper and I will be heading down to Texas in November for the SASS Southwest Regional also known as Comin' At'cha!  Many folks say this is THE regional to go to and being as how I'm always busy and it's hotter than hell in August, Guns of August (Midwest Regional) is out for me.  So, Judge and I were looking for something this time of the year and we figure Texas won't be THAT hot in November and a change of scenery is always nice.  Now if we could find something else to do before the shoot in NE Texas, we could make a true vacation of it.

For now, I've found this video to whet your CAS appetite.

"Comin' At'Cha" SASS SW Regional at the Badlands Bar3

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Yep, That's Fast

Caleb points out a video of quite possibly the fastest mover you'll see.  It certainly illustrates very well the time that you have (or rather don't have) when someone charges you.  Could you get three shots on this target?

MVSA IDPA Match - MGM's new charging target - FAST AS HELL