Thursday, April 29, 2010

Economy of Guns

The National Shooting Sports Foundation issued today a report on the economic impact of the firearms industry.  As my favorite Meth addict/dealer/manufacturer on TV Jesse Pinkman says, "That's mad cheddar yo!"

Indeed it is, when you see $27.8 Billion in long form ($27,846,304,300) it really is hard to fathom THAT many guns and that much ammo being sold.  But the thing that gets me is the ~ $8.6 billion increase from 2008.  That's 45%!  Fo-tay-Five!  So Barry O is roughly worth roughly $9 billion to the firearms industry and they're trying to get him voted out of office, or are they?

No, I'm not trying to start a conspiracy rumor, but one has to wonder how the folks selling arms and ammo and accessories REALLY feel about The One going for a second term?  I suppose it's up to his performance over the next couple of years.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Something I'd never thought I'd read

Mac-10 based Tactical Rifle....

I'll let that sink in....

Yeah, that's what I thought too.  WTF?  Yet there it is and this is April 7, so no April fools.  Michael Bane has a tease of what he calls a "cool little gun"  After the initial shock of a MAC-10 based Tactical Rifle subsided, I thought that it may indeed be a fun gun to shoot as there aren't a hell of a lot of .45ACP or .45anything semi-auto rifles out there.  Then again, perhaps there's a good reason for that? 

For what use would one purchase this gun for?  Plinking? Well, at $20+/box, .45ACP isn't exactly a bargain.  Home Defense?  At that length, I'd as soon have a 12guage and if I did choose a rifle, it'd probably be in .223 (which is cheaper to shoot btw) or something a little more rifle-like.

So what then?

Does a gun have to have a purpose?

I suppose not (I'm looking at you Taurus Judge).