Thursday, July 31, 2008

Damn Right Skippy!

Every once in a while one of your congress critters does something to make you believe they might actually have your best interest at heart. Indiana Rep. Mark Souder has a well-written letter to the WaPo editor in which he reminds the WaPo and everyone else that DC is subject to the constitution and the rulings of the Supreme Court the same as the 50 states are. It amazes me that anyone would conceivably argue that DC isn't subject to such, those same people are probably the same dimwits that are trying to give enemy combatants civil rights under our constitution. Why wouldn't they want citizens of the US of freakin' A to have them?!?!

Anyway, way to go Mark!

PS Rep Souder has entroduced a bill to end DC's resistance to the Heller ruling.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Ok, Jose is going to take me to task for this one, but damn it I don't care. It's got nothing to do with cowboy and its not relevant to guns, but if you are a fan of...well anything good, then you are going to love this.

Joss Whedon continues to prove that you don't have to do what everybody tells you to do. Just do what you do the best you know how. Oh ya it doesn't hurt that it's got Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion in it.

Check it out at one of my favorite blogs Blowing Smoke.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Got A Receipt For That?

There's no corruption like Louisiana corruption, apparently. This story from Louisiana Sportsman Magazine charges that some NOPD cops are still taking guns from lawful citizens, this time though, during traffic stops. They apparently ask the citizen if they have proof of ownership and when the citizen indicates they don't, the cop takes the gun and doesn't issue a receipt for it. There's a word for that, unless I'm mistaken, they call it stealing. I really try to keep the side of the officer in mind on many such stories as the press is usually biased against the Police more often than not and I have good friends that are cops, but damn! This just pisses me off when someone uses their position of authority to steal from people.

I wonder what happens if after having a gun stolen someone were to call 911 and report an armed robbery by someone impersonating a NOPD officer? Do we ever hear from that person again?

Hat Tip to Dave Hardy

Sunday, July 27, 2008

What Next?

If you're like me (and why wouldn't you be?), you're always wanting a new gun(s). What I want continually rotates as I see new toys and the latest greatest ubergun. I, thankfully, don't get too caught up with fads or hype on new guns, the latest Blast-o-matic 2000 doesn't hold much interest usually. No I get an itch that needs scratched usually because I have a need for a particular task or I get curious about a gun and wonder if it is better or why a lot of others think its so great.

Curiosity has lately led me to crave a Ruger double-action revolver. You see, I love my Ruger single-actions and to date I've only craved S&W doubles, but the lure of a SP101 or GP100 is that I'd like to compare them with the S&W line and have first-hand knowledge of them rather than simply snub them on faith. I'm sure they are serviceable firearms and sure, they're ugly as dammit, but are they capable of performing as well as a S&W? Does the trigger smooth out as well? How's that sight picture? Do they carry well?

So I put them on the list of guns I desire, not at the top mind you, but if a deal is found, I may just part with my hard earned dollars.

FWIW, here's my list as of this morning, in no particular order (yes, it changes that much):

Ruger double-action (.357)
AR-15 (a receiver will do)
Old model Ruger Vaquero (.357; 4 5/8 barrel; stainless; X2)
Old model Bisely Vaquero (anything but .44; X2)
Remington 1100 tatical (or some adequate house 12 guage)
1911 in Commander configuration

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sombrero Girl

This is just about as cute as you'll ever want to see. Judge's little darlin' took a liking to my sombrero even though I'd just worn it on a 93º day (yuck! said momma). I had to post this picture as it was just too darned cuddly and if you are privileged enough like me to know this young lady, count yourself blessed.

I think you need to get her a proper fitting hat there Judge (or Dina) and get her down to the range so's she can see where her daddy and Uncle José go on Saturday and have as much fun as we do!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New Blog/Shooter

A new blogger/shooter, Pretty Pistolera has posted video of herself in practice for IDPA. Including advice she's received from her fellow shooters. I'm no range instructor, but I'd add that she should practice jam clearing the proper way every time, tap-rack-bang and not just pull the slide back because you know its a dummy round, it won't ever by that easy in competition or a gunfight.

I'm sure Judge will have much more advice, it'll even be useful.

BTW, keep sticking that butt out, that's fine form right there.

PS Welcome to the blogger/shooter world. If only more wives were interested in shooting...

Friday, July 04, 2008

4th Of July

Happy b-day America, or what's left of it. I spent most of the day reloading ammo and I got a lot of it done, I would have done more if MCSports weren't closed and I coulda got more Clays. Reloading seemed fitting on the 4th for some reason.

A huge pizza for dinner at Mother Bears and a cigar (Carlos Torano 1916) with my pard Judge topped off a pretty good day.