Monday, April 20, 2009

Family Day

This past weekend was an impromptu Family Day at Thunder Valley.  Judge & Copper's families showed up to see what all goes on at a cowboy shoot and to help us eat the great food at the cookout afterward.  Here are some pictures.

Judge's wife & daughter Dina & Sabrina with Copper's boy Wyatt.

Judge teaching his niece, its what he does

Copper & Wyatt

Dina breakingher first shots (she hit everything in sight)

Copper's wife Christy steps from behind the camera

Sabrina & Wyatt are best buddies

Thursday, April 16, 2009

BAG day gun, it wasn't bought on 4/15, but a couple of weekends ago, I picked up a very sweet Colt CCO.  For the uninitiated, a CCO is an officer's frame with a commander slide mated to it, very ideal for concealed carry (CCO stands for Concealed Carry Officers).  I had to give up an AR and a few bucks to get it, but it is certainly worth more than the AR to me and I can get another AR (rather, build one out of the 2 lowers I have).  So far, the CCO is utterly reliable and my only quandry right now is finding a carry ammo that doesn't make my hand throb.  So far, Speer LE Gold Dot 200g +P are sooooo not it.  Suggestions anyone?

The gun came with the "Goodyear" wrap-around grips, I ditched those for the more acceptable double-diamond rubbers that I really like on carry 1911s.  Some say they cling to clothes, but I've not had a big issue with that, the wrap-arounds do fwiw.  Accuracy with the CCO is good and the only other thing I changed on it besides the grips is adding a ring-style hammer that I had Judge order from Fusion for my Officer's model, it was seredipity since the hammer was two-tone and the new CCO was also.

This gun also darned near got Judge into a bit of hot water, I was lunching with his missus when she mentioned that their daughter said uncle José brought daddy a new gun, a little one.  Of course I'd do no such thing and besides, it isn't that small.  The little angel saw me bring it in to their house and show it to Judge while the misses was off shopping at the mega-outlet-mall.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Conversations

Overheard at the Gigante family Easter dinner table.

Conversation #1
Nephew: "Uncle José, why can't I find any ammo?"
Me: "Because everyone's scared of what the new emperor will do to prevent us from buying it in the future and are buying it all up so that the manufacturers can't keep up"
Nephew: "What are they trying to do?"
Me: "Well, there's the tax it to oblivion angle, or the serial number it scheme, essentially, everyone thinks they're gonna do something to make ammo damned hard to come by"
Nephew: "That's stupid"
Me: "yep" goes on to explain what shops he can try to find some decently priced .40SW.

Mom: "ABC had a program on Friday that said having a gun wouldn't do any good since you would be too scared to use it"
Me: "ARGH!" explains how flawed the ABC program was "Would you rather have a chance and a gun or be helpless and hope that the mutant gunning people down thinks you're already dead or runs out of ammo?"

Then there was a conversation about Zombie Jesus and how freakishly strong he was to move that rock (or what I imagine my 2yo great nephew would think of the resurrection of Christ during Sunday school).  It was determined I should never teach Sunday School, go figure.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Lean On Me

OK, this one is out there, I know, but while "researching" pictures of Kendra Wilkinson and her beau at the gun range, I thought it interesting that she exhibits "the lean".  I say this because I see a lot of inexperienced female shooters pickup a long gun and instinctively go into this sort of stance, apparently it is comfortable to them, for what reasons I don't know, but I thought this picture demonstrates it perfectly.

There are better things to quip about, but this has always puzzled me and if anyone has an answer let me know.

BTW, I am not responsible for your actions after clicking through to Kendra's website.