Monday, May 25, 2009

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Colleges and Guns

One of the leading assumptions that opponents to college concealed carry is that Students lack the maturity to carry.  Seems like this student certainly has the maturity and did the right thing.  Most opponents would cite that places where students gather would become bloodbaths as immature students resolve differences with guns instead of reason.  They say that the University is no place for guns as ideology should take precedent and guns would inhibit (somehow) said ideology.

One should wonder what sort of reasoning and ideology would have gotten the ten students out of a situation where two armed intruders had separated the group into those to be murdered and those to be raped and murdered?  Anyone?

Luck would have it, one student did have a gun and had the internal fortitude to stand against those that would have done grievous harm to himself and his friends.

I wonder what the producers of last month's ABC hit piece on guns have to say about this?  How did a one student out of ten prevail while outnumbered two to one when ABC's show depicted differently?  The difference?  These thugs didn't know who had a gun and weren't firearms instructors and the stakes were real.

Let's be clear, the gun didn't save these students, one of the students saved them, he just happened to have the correct tool for the job and enough skill to get that job done.  I think all anyone who is for concealed carry on campus wants is to have the opportunity to carry the right tool for self defense against armed opponents.