Thursday, October 13, 2005

SASS is a large group and it is governed by a smaller group known as the “Wild Bunch.” They were the original members of SASS who still decide the important matters of the organization. A second group known as the “Territorial Governors” is elected by the individual clubs and represents the clubs at the national convention. The following is a list of agenda items for the next convention and how I feel about them.

Should all SASS State and higher championships be required to honor all SASS categories even if there is only one participant? We are now requiring all sanctioned State and above championships to honor all categories with 5 or more participants.

I believe that SASS should be required to honor all categories. They made the damn things and charge each of the members yearly dues, so if I want to shoot in a category at a state level then I should be able to win a plaque if I’m the only one shooting or not.

Should all rule changes passed at the Territorial Governors’ Summit go into effect as of March 1st of the following year? With End of Trail moving its calendar forward to June of 2006, would it be best for SASS to initiate the newly adopted changes in the rules, following the SASS Convention in December, to an earlier date? With dates of matches varying, it would not be a good idea to attach new rules to a match date but rather a calendar date. March 1st, at this point, would precede all Regional, National, and World championships.

This one is a no brainier. How they got by for so long having the rules take effect at an event instead of on a date is amazing. It only makes since to say “rules go into effect on this date” I don’t really care if it’s May 1st or January 1st, as long as it is the same every year and there is no wiggle room.

Should all black powder categories be changed to add the following statement, Competitors will be required to produce this amount of smoke. Some types of black powder, or black powder substitutes, may produce this amount of smoke with less volume of powder. It is also recommended that there be an appeal procedure (three Territorial Governors) if it is suspected a competitor is not producing the correct amount of smoke and that base line loads be on hand to compare to the shooter’s loads. It is also recommended the penalty for such an infraction should be a Spirit of the Game Penalty (30 Seconds), removal from the black powder category and placement into a comparable smokeless category.

This is much ado about nothing. I won’t waste your time with the long history of this debate but simply say that if you think someone is cheating under the current rules you can spend 50 bucks and challenge them. If they are shooting duplex loads (black powder mixed with smokeless) then they are disqualified and you get your 50 bucks back. SASS doesn’t have the time or money to check everybody’s loads. And another thing about this stupid rule…If I catch you cheating then you get a spirit of the game penalty and moved into another category! I don’t think so. If you are cheating you should be gone, finished, fini! None of this crap about getting caught and then just switching categories.

“B” Western has been a great success at END of TRAIL, The Shootout at Mule Camp, and several other State and Regional matches. It is time to make it “official”. Should we make the B Western category official? The following are the rules for the category. Handguns: All SASS legal handguns are allowed. Rifles: Any SASS legal rifle of 1884 or later design or a replica thereof (i.e. 1892, 1894, Lightening Rifle, or Marlin) Shotguns: all SASS legal shotguns Ammunition: All SASS legal ammunition is allowed Leather: Buscadero holster rigs or drop loop rigs. (All of the pistols must be carried below the top of the gun belt.) All belt and holster rigs must be embellished (fancy stitching, conchos, spots or tooling). All holsters must be of the “Straight Hang” type. No cross draw or shoulder rigs. Shooting style: Any non-gunfighter shooting style. Clothing: Shirts must be of the “B” Western style with snap buttons or any of the following, “Smiley Pockets”, embroidery, appliqués, fringe or different colored yokes. Shield Shirts are also allowed if it has piping or embroidery. Pants must be jeans, ranch pants, or pants with flap over the rear pocket, keystone belt loops and/or piping or fringe. Pants must be worn with a belt. Suspenders are not allowed. Felt hats only, no straw hats. Hats must be worn. All boots must be of traditional design with fancy stitching or multi-color fancy design with smooth, non-grip enhancing soles. Lace-up boots and moccasins are not allowed. Western Spurs with rowels are required for men. Ladies may wear skirts or split riding skirts. You must choose at least one or more of the following optional items: Gloves or gauntlets, scarves with slides or tied around the neck, coat, vest, chaps, cuffs. All costumes are expected to be fancy and flashy. The “B” Western costuming must be worn during the entire match and awards ceremony with exception of evening formal occasions. Costumes that depict leading role characters in “B” western movies are allowed as long as the costume is complete with all accessories.

This is another costume category like Classic Cowboy, so I say why not. It encourages people to dress up, and the flashier the dress the more fun they will have…not to mention the spectators.

There is a ton more agenda items that I will get to over the next several weeks, but I thought I would get started. What do you think Jose?
I think "B" Western is fine by me, not something I'd ever want to do, but I can't see why it shouldn't be allowed.

Rulz should take affect January 1st, that makes it easiest to remember and you shoot the whole season under the same rules.

There are a couple of arguments against requiring State and above to acknowledge a class with one person in it. 1) The expense of the awards (minimal) 2) you'd have people signing up for classes they know they'll win in just so's they'll get an award (like LFCD or something like that).

I've been a long time denouncer of the Black powder regulation. There's two camps that want this passed. One wants to keep black powder categories from getting too gamey and I can see the point here. The second camp just wants to make everyone a warthog and elliminate the .32 cartridges, usually whining about the .32hr being a modern cartridge (and .38/.357/.44mag aren't?). I've always felt the latter group were the ones crying the loudest and trying hardest to get this passed. If you don't want it to get too gamey, then establish a realistic and reliable method of enforcement, three TG's judging smoke ain't it. If you want to elliminate the .32 and make everyone in your own manly, he-man image, go away, far away, we don't want or need you. Besides, if you aren't shooting Walkers loaded with 60 grains gunfighter style, shut up.


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