Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pyle Lovett

Well Jose and I headed on down to Thunder Valley last weekend for the August Main Match. A buddy of ours was in town so we talked him into going. I managed to fix him up with clothes, leather, boots, and a hat. Jose provided him the guns and a shooting we did go.

We tried to think of a name and Jose convinced him to go with Rick O’Shea, but of course there are like 4 Rick O’Shea’s in SASS. After the shoot we were sitting around the garage as usual and our two clown princes Vaquero Hayes and Smiley (AKA Sheepdip) came up with an alias for him. Pyle Lovett. It’s good, I like it, and I think it will stick. So if he ever shoots again I think it’ll be as Pyle Lovett.

On a side note the shoot was downright miserable. It was very hot and humid and we got stuck with the Posse from hell. We had five new shooters, Lorenzo Lain, and Chief Old Timer. That’s 7 out of 14 that didn’t really do a damn thing. I managed to shanghi Randy Atcher and Lizzy of the Valley for help and Redneck Rebel busted his but as usual, but we barely made it and we finished almost 45 minutes later then everyone else. But, a bad day shooting is better then most anything else.

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José Giganté said...

You know, I still managed to have fun. Bruce managed to have fewer misses than either of us too.