Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Uber Lever Gun

So yesterday I was reloading and while stuffing 200g SWC's into the 45ACP cases, my mind wandered to the Cowboy .45 Special and how it is about the same size as the ACP and how it can be shot from a Marlin. Then it hit me. One of the Marlin Short-Stroke specialists could possibly shorten a Marlin's stroke even more than is possible with the .45 S&W (Schofield).

So it might be possible to get a Marlin with an equally short stroke to a '66/'73 and maintain the shootability, strength and ease of maintenance of the Marlin and get the speed of the short-stroked Winchester clones. This would then be an "Uber Lever Gun". I could hear the cries of foul even before I finished the thought. The SASS community is gonna love this one. Will I do it? Probably not, since the change is irreversable without buying new internals and I don't want to send my rifle off, but I KNOW someone will try this.

UPDATE: Well, someone did do this. Adirondack Jack has one apparently, it is fast.

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Adirondack Jack said...

Howdy. I just stumbled across your very neat blog, and would like to comment that the short stroked Cowboy .45 Special Marlins (yes, I have #s 1 and 2, and there is a wait list for conversions just now) work slicker than frog snot on a wet glass door knob. I have two so I can use one for FC with 777 or BP, and lend the other out as a promotional tool for my Cowboy .45 Special brass. Spur45@macomb.com does the rifle conversions, after I talked him into it (he actually used the prototype brass on #1 as the commercial brass was not yet out). cowboy45special.com for the brass, and the rifle is short stroked to 4 5/8inches or so, and slick.