Thursday, April 03, 2008

Math Lesson For Hoosier Media


OK, I don't know if the populous is really this dumb or there is some conspiracy with the against the math-challenged Hoosiers, but I'm sick and tired of hearing in the media how the raise in the Indiana sales tax from $.06 to $.07 is a one percent increase. While it is an additional one percent, the INCREASE is actually 16.7%, because you see, 1 divided by 6 is .166666666....

So, anytime you hear the talking heads or read in the paper how it is a one percent increase, you can get just as pop-a-vein angry as me.

That is all.

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Randy said...

I heard the same thing a couple of years ago when Clark County, IN imposed a 2.7% income tax. People (and commishioners) said "It's only 2.7%". In reality is was a 50% increas in state and local income tax.