Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I'm pissed off. Over the last 3 months I have been scheduled to attend a Shotgun Instructors Course, a Pistol Operators Course, and a Patrol Rifle Instructors Course. They have all been canceled. At the last minute. Forcing me to change not only my work schedule, but my personal schedule as well.

I'm starting to develop a complex. The first time no reason was given (I know the class was full), the second time was for low attendance, and the most recent was due to "scheduling conflicts". This last class was also full and had been scheduled for 6 months. I figure the state employed instructors just decided it was going to be too cold next week and bailed. What a load of BS.

I teach classes also, all over the country, I have had classes with 60+ students and classes with 9. Oh well. You commit to something then you carry through with it. That's part of it. I can't help but have very poor feelings for the government agency that hosts and teaches two out of the three classes that were canceled a week in advance for unknown reasons that couldn't be all that great anyway.

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