Sunday, March 08, 2009

Pig Gun

Jose hasn't been the only one buying guns, but he as definitely opened up the distance. I finally decided to sell the AK and since I promised if I ever sold it I would give the original owner first dibs the AK made it's way home. I bought a microwave range hood for the house and with the money left over I spent it on a new lever gun.

I have always loved the .30 - .30 lever guns and I've been wanting a short handy rifle with a small scope that was quick to acquire. I've been told this is called a pig gun so I guess that's what I wanted. As you can imagine these are pretty hard to find.

Well thanks to Jose I located a Sears 54. The gun is in great shape and I don't think it has ever been shot. It's got a 20" barrel which is longer then I wanted, but the price was good. I plan on having the barrel cut down to 16.5 inches and with a leather butt wrap, ammo loops, sling, and lever wrap from Kirkpatrick Leather I'll be pretty close to set. I think I will also add an aimpoint to the set up and I will have my pig gun.

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