Thursday, November 10, 2005

I gotta put this picture up. I was going through some of the CAS photo’s I’ve taken over the last couple of years and found this one. This was Jose at our first match. We each bought a pistol, and we each bought a long-arm, and we gathered up the bare necessities for shooting. From what we had read, and what we had seen at the two matches we had visited prior to shooting our first one we knew we needed a gun cart. With all the stuff you gotta lug around from stage to stage a gun cart is damn near required. So this was our first “Pimp Ass Gun Cart.”

Hey, it got the job done; it held ammo, guns, and everything else we needed. We used it for a couple of matches until we got one built. Of course by now we each have a complete set of guns, carts, clothes, and all the other stuff. The neat thing I like about this picture is that it shows you that you don’t need a lot to get started. If you’ve got a buddy to shoot with who is willing to split some things with you then you’re good to go. Buy a cheap straw hat, a pair of boots (if you don’t already own a pair), throw on your Levi’s, put on a button down shirt, strap a milk crate to a dolly and you’re done.

Maybe Jose will post his gun cart plans. He makes pretty sweet and simple gun carts.

UPDATE: More stuff in the flicker gallery

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