Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Memories from the First Shoot

There is a thread on the wire about people's first shoot memories. I have a few and thought this was a pretty good topic and maybe I should write them down before my bad memory loses them forever.

Things I remember from my first shoot:
  • Being nervous/anxious. After buying enough guns and equipment to get started, I still wasn't sure this was something I wanted to do. It might suck.
  • On the first stage of the day, watching the first shooter (Hoot Owl Pete) on our posse load a cigarette lighter in his '97 shotgun. Hoot Owl Pete demonstrated to us that everyone is foulable and really put me at ease. Pete is one of the nicestFlickr Photo guys you'll ever meet and I'll be forever greatful to him for helping us out on that first shoot.
  • Seeing a cap and ball black powder shooter loading his revolvers while smoking a cigarette. I stayed very far away from him and thankfully haven't seen him since. Whew!
  • The weather. I recall that the weather was perfect which makes anything more enjoyable.
  • The "Gun Cart" we used that day. I have a hand-truck that I bungied a milk crate to the bottom and the long guns to the upright portion. It actually worked pretty well and will forever be known as "Jose Gigante's Pimp-Ass Gun Cart".
  • Having the feeling at the end of the day that, yes indeed, this was something I wanted to do.
I know this has been posted before, but I think it is the best picture of that first shoot, Judge took it right before we packed up everything and went home. The smile I have on my face tells all.

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