Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hoosier Ambush scores are up

I'm pretty darned happy for a guy who finished 7th in his category.  I finished overall 53rd out of 163 shooters, a top third for me is good.  I shot very consistently within my class and was able to pull off a quick stage 7 to put me ahead of a couple of duelists that would have otherwise beat me.

I was able to stay ahead of some shooters from other categories that can or usually beat me, like Buffalo Dick, Randy Atcher, Manatee, Abu, Judge Mint Day, Hardscrabble & Graver.  The only shooter that I would normally compare myself to that beat me is M'bogo and I've really no right to compare myself to him, but he's my goal and I'm even happy for staying within 30 seconds of him over 10 stages.

I'm improving and that's what I get out of the competition.

The match was ranked by category, so shooters are measured against other folks in their category and not all the other classes (except for the overall results).  This sounds like a good idea, except that it isn't.  In several categories there is not a large enough sampling of shooters to make rank scoring work, so I hope this is the last big match that does this.  I don't think it would have changed Duelist much if at all, but I know it affected Traditional and FCD.

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