Monday, January 29, 2007

And now for something different

I've been thinking about dabbling in loading Black Powder cartridges, black powder substitutes to be exact.  One of the problems that faces someone shooting both smokeless and BP is the effects it has on the guns you shoot.  If you shoot BP, it helps if you have a gun that is "seasoned".  That is a gun that is properly prepared and lubed for BP will become seasoned like a cast iron skillet so after the shoot, cleanup is easy.

For the most part, I can accomplish this by shooting my hammered double and use one of my Marlins as the designated BP gun.  The problem is the pistols, I have three, two 7 1/2" Vaqueros and one 5 1/2" Vaquero.  IF (and this is a big IF) I want to have two sets of guns to shoot to alternate between BP and smokeless, I need one extra Ruger Old Model Vaquero with 5 1/2" barrel, blue in .45Colt.  Not so fast.  They don't make the OM Vaquero any longer and while I could find one out there somewhere, why not look at things from a different angle.  Why shoot the same guns as I shoot smokeless with?  How about something that looks like it is a BP gun?

In looking about, I come up with a gun that I really love the look of and isn't terribly expensive and can be had brand new.  I'm talking about Cimarron's Open Tops or Richards & Mason Conversions.  These guns are sweet like mom's pecan pie and look about as old timey as you get.  I certainly couldn't be poo poo'd for not looking the part with a pair of these beauties.

Anyone want to buy a used OM Vaquero in .45Colt?

Cimarron's R & M Conversion in .44Colt


Judge Mint Day said...

Let me get this straight! you're telling me I need a whole new set of guns now!


José Giganté said...

How'd this become about you?

Glad you found someone to reload BP for you.