Monday, March 05, 2007

Gun Safe(ty)

Winchester Gun Safe - 60x30x22After getting my money back from that dead-beat Uncle Sam, I was able to purchase a gun safe.  I looked over the options and settled upon a Winchester safe found at your local Sam's Club.  It certainly isn't the best safe ever, it isn't the biggest, but it fills every need I have and allows me to grow some and I don't worry about breakins while I'm gone.  I'd hate to have some lowlife SOB obsconding with my Marlins and Rugers.

After Judge got off shift, he came over and we wrestled the beast off my truck and into Casa José and into what has become my Cowboy/Gun/Smoke room.  Really its just an extra bedroom in a three bedroom house that I don't use since its just me.

One thing the safe has done is decide for me what that extra room is going to be.  If I've got a safe in it, its now my gun room.  I may see if I can get a more appropriate table/bench for working on guns since I don't like using the dining table that's in there, but I don't want a typical "shop bench" either.  Judge likes to dream that I'll put a couple of overstuffed leather chairs and a big humidor and TV in there.  I let him dream, what can it hurt?


Anonymous said...

Did your safe have a rather strong pungent smell when you opened it up? Mine certainly did. Have had it opened up for two days now with a fan blowing in it and expect it to take two weeks before putting something in there. If I put a rifle in there now a deer could smell me coming a mile away. Even then I am concerned the smell will come back once I close the door on it. If the smell will go away, I feel this is a tremendous value for the money. You could pay twice the money and still not have an hour fire protection, 600 pounds of steel, and an electronic lock.

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