Monday, May 07, 2007

Hooten Hollerin' Old Time

We made it back yesterday from the Kentucky State Shoot at Hooten Old Town. Much fun was had as we shot our way through the 10 stages and tried our darnedest to beat, well, pretty much anyone. The number of shooters present was impressive, 258 cowboys, cowgirls, buckaroos, buckarettes and young guns through at least 75,000 rounds downrange over three days.

As for the shooting, well, I didn't do real well, placed 116 out of 258 and managed to let Judge slip by me with too many misses. Bah! Of course he's resorting to the heathen traditional style shooting in B-Western category (which he should) and that'll make a difference, but overall, he shot better, period. There weren't that many in our posse that were on their games, in fact, I'd say most of the shooters from PVR & TVR didn't shoot up to their potential.

Judge, Copper and myself traveled together and shared accommodations in Berea, KY which is 24 miles North of the range, but takes 45min to get there through the winding hills of Kentucky. The drive wasn't without its perks, for on Saturday night after eschewing the match dinner due to rain, we came across a Sonny's BBQ that had "Unlimited Ribs" (cue chorus). We sipped ice tea, gorged ourselves on pork and watched the KY derby, it gets better than that, but not much.

We shot with several of the TVR and PVR regulars and I must say that I'm continually impressed with the way those two clubs are represented by the membership. I don't find too many other shooters who actually work, let alone work stages as well as the folks from TVR/PVR. I think the attitude quite honestly can be tracked up from the membership to the club officers to the club founders, they just know how to get things done and continue to go out and do it. When I see folks from other parts of the country lounge about during the shoot, it fills me with pride to think that nobody from our clubs are joining them.

I've put many of the pictures we took at the match up on my flicker account, so take a look at what handsome fellas we are and what great shooters look like (I think there's one or two in there).

As always, Hooten Old Town is a great place to go shoot CAS and get away from modern life.

UPDATE: More photos posted at the Hooten website.


Judge Mint Day said...

I gotta agree about the TVR/PVR guys. I've gotten a chance to shoot with a wide variety of shooters east of the Mississippi and I have yet to run across a harder working bunch of guys and gals then the TVR/PVR people. It really does start from the top down with Redneck Rebel, No More Slim, Randy Atcher, and Lizzy of the Valley leading the way.

Anonymous said...

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