Monday, May 21, 2007

Practice Good

As Judge's last post mentions he needs to practice more. Lucky for him he's a range officer for his department and last week got to do a lot more shooting than he does normally. Granted, it was almost all autos and DA revolver, but the thing is, it counts. Shooting anything is better than shooting nothing (I know, I'm a prophet). How do I know it helped? Because he kicked my butt during the match on Saturday and shot as well as he's ever shot a match, he shot it clean to boot!

I got the chance on Friday to join him and while it helped me feel much more comfortable during the match and my pistols were pretty good all day with one stage being the exception when I lost my count on which was the lead pistol and just really screwed up. I had some better raw times than Judge, but misses counting 5 seconds hurts too bad. You can't miss fast enough to win

We need to figure out how to get this practical practice, dry fire is valuable, but I think that slinging lead more than once every two or three weeks is critical to getting to where I want to be and Judge for that matter. Maybe its time to look in the real estate market to get a house in the country that I can set up a range. Of course there's the price of gas and land prices in this area that can kill that idea.

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