Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The B-Western Blues

I’ve been shooting B-Western for the last year or so and it’s been fun. This year I switched to the category full time and I’ve enjoyed myself…until this weekend. 95 degree weather and heavy polyester do not go well together.

I like the category requirements and I like dressing up so B-Western is perfect for me. I shoot gunfighter style for 90 percent of the stages, but occasionally when I get the bug I switch to traditional. It keeps things interesting. I win at the local level, but there isn’t much competition with only one other shooter, and at the bigger state matches B-Western is dominated by shooters who are good, but not good enough to win in the traditional category so my gunfighter centric version doesn’t play well. So I like dressing up, and I like shooting the category, then what made this weekend unbearable? Well, the heat and the boots, and the hat.

First in 95 degree weather you need a shirt that will breathe, and I like to be able to roll my sleeves up a little. Neither of those things are options with a heavy Polyester and Rayon shirt with fitted sleeves. I need a cotton shirt in light colors if I’m going to keep shooting B-Western in the heat of the summer.

I bought my boots about a year and a half ago. I went with an inexpensive (read cheap) pair of boots just to get started in the category and they are already worn out. They are uncomfortable and are starting to pull away at the sole. My original pair of ropers I bought for the sport has also worn out so I really need a new pair of boots. I want something that would be flashy, but also go with all of my outfits. I think I’ve found a pair that will work and won’t break the bank.

Finally let’s talk hats. Like the boots I bought cheap to get into the category, but it doesn’t fit just right and with no hair when I start sweating it runs right into my eyes. I need a white hat that has a good sweat band or something that would allow me to wear my buff under the hat. I wish you could wear straw, but I guess that’s not B-Western.

So I haven’t bought anything for shooting in well over a year, and I thought I had finished my collecting of accoutrements, but it looks like a still have a few things to keep my eyes out for.

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