Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tired Cowboy

So I spent the weekend at PVR so I could help run the Wild Bunch side match on both days. It was a lot of fun in the sun and the whole weekend was a blast. But I'm still tired on Tuesday, I blame Judge for not being there to help, but he had to go to Colorado and learn police stuff. Anyway, I think it was a pretty big hit and learned a few things.

  • Shooting revolvers and a 1911 is bad since the cowboys shooting were a little confused as to what to shoot when.
  • Dump target with 7 rounds of .45ACP is bad, the target dances and at one point I thought the target was going to come off the stand.
  • 1897 shotguns malfunction. At least three double feeds and other problems with the old guns when you try to shoot them fast. The modern replicas seemed to work ok.
  • More folks were interested enough in Wild Bunch to bring their own ammo and guns, something that surprised me.
  • When someone gets things right, it looks awesome!

I've been asked to do it every match at PVR, but I didn't commit to that since I don't know that it'll be as popular if it becomes too familiar. That and we need to come up with some award for the side match to hand out so people will have something to compete for.

I'm thinking the next time WB is done at PVR, we'll have to discard the revolvers and load up two mags with either 5 or 7 rounds for the 1911. Not alot of people have period holsters for their guns, so it will most likely have to be staged again, but I'd eventually like to do a from-the-holster stage.

Some more stuff to think about and try to come up with some interesting stages.

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