Sunday, August 05, 2007

PVR Cabins

When PVR opened they made the decision to allow members to put up cabins or period correct tents on the range. I love the look and feel of Hooten Old Town and I’ve always wanted to have a place to go and camp and play cowboy. So I’ve occasionally brought it up to Copper and Jose about chipping in on a cabin, and of course the wife isn’t all that keen on the idea…not the camping part, but the having it at a cowboy range part.

So, it’s always bounced around in the back of my mind, but that’s been about it. Recently me and the misses have been talking about family camping as our daughter gets older so I’ve been looking at tents. Today I stumbled on Davis Tent and Awning and they gave me an idea.

We could put up a semi permanent tent at PVR. We could throw down decking and a quick frame then stretch a tent across it for that miner camp look. A 10’x12’ wall tent runs about 416 dollars. Another 300 bucks for the decking and framing and you’ve got yourself a campsite. Now I just have to get Jose and Copper to cough up 250 dollars each and a couple of days of hard labor. Go to the Davis Tent and Awning site and check out some of the photo's in the photo gallery and you'll see what I'm talking about.

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Scott said...

I used Davis for my Luxury Tents back when I was running that business. They are quality suppliers and a pleasure to work with.

I can give you some tips and pointers on the decking, too, if you're interested. I built three of them, and by the last one, had it down to a science.

Those wall tents really do make for a good semi-permanent place on a piece of land. The key is to keep the sun off of them, as much as possible (at least here in Texas), and to make sure they're set up to dry out quickly. That's why getting them off the ground is so important.