Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Work has picked up to the point that I don't have the motivation to post a coherent topic, so I thought a few quick notes a la Grant Cunningham would suffice.

I ran my first match last weekend, I think things went well overall. The scoring system gave me fits until I restarted the software. Helluva way to run a "Cowboy" match. The stages were quick because of the heat, I didn't want to keep people out or confuse them any more than need be. I did find that an a ascending sweep is heap bad mojo, it looked great on paper, but in practice ended up being a turd (yes I proceedured on it). All in all, it was a good experience and with Judge, Smiley and Sadie/Kentucky helping, everything went well and fast. We were wrapped up and on the road by 4pm.

I bought a new gun last week, in anticipation of shooting a Wild Bunch category, I bought a Rock Island 1911A1. I shot it while at PVR on Friday and it promptly failed. Seems the firing pin was soft and peened. Back home, I had the pullout from Judge's Rock and it'll run again, but I think I'll pick up a tool steel variety pin to be sure. I added black rubber grips to be period and get away from the awful stocks that come with it.

My 1873 Uberti rifle is running now after changing the carrier. I still like Marlins better, but hope to speed up with the '73.

A little progress has been made on getting smokeless to work in the brass shotshells. I got 4 of 10 to light using Clays powder and opening up the flash hole to 3/32. I bought some different powder (Green Dot) to see if that helps and opened the flash holes to 7/64" more on a couple of extra. TVR will provide the next test. I WILL get this working, I've spent too much money on it now for it not to work. Over $300 so far not including powder, primers and shot. That's a lot of AA, I know.

That's enough for now...

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