Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sheepdip Inn

pvr.2007.11.10-018Quite the name huh?

Like most strange things, there's a story behind it. The PVR clubhouse is the brainchild of a member who everyone knows as "Smiley" and since he was the main impetus behind the clubhouse, it is only fitting that it be named for or after him. Why Sheepdip? That's his real SASS alias, he goes by Smiley for some odd reason nobody can figure.

Anyway, the Sheepdip Inn is pretty much done, structurally anyways. In two weekends worth of work the entire thing got built by the hard-working PVR members and of course Smiley who not only thought it up, but had the skills to build it. That's always nice to have. I believe the club has about $1,000 in it and a lot of labor. The structure is 24'X16' and is pretty sparse inside, but that'll change when the women folk get to the decorating. As it is, it is a fine place to pvr.2007.11.10-021hold up in cold weather and shoot the bull, have a beer and do some karaoke.

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Judge Mint Day said...

Yesterday Joe and I took my old Futon and donated it to the Sheepdip Inn. It was the first chance I had to see the place and I am very impressed. When this is finished with the bar and stove and everything it is going to be fantastic.