Saturday, December 08, 2007

Thunder Valley, 2007

The shooting season at TVR finished last weekend and this morning in my mailbox I received the final standings for the year from Redneck Rebel. I was happy with my final standing finishing 9th out of 42 shooters that meet the minimum 6 match requirement. Jose finished 13th and Copper Finished 15th so all managed to make the top 15. That's pretty decent and all of us seem to be getting better every year. I guess that's all you can ask for.

Jose has really started to figure out the rifle and when he switches to a shotgun belt instead of the bandoleer he is going to pick up his time considerably. Copper needs to learn to attack the stage and "shoot" faster. His transitions are excellent and his shotgun is very smooth. I need to get my 87 up and working well and I'm going to have to do some practice or both these guys will probably beat me next year. It's nice to have people pushing you.

TVR 2007:

Judge Mint Day; 9th overall, Average Stage = 29.305

Jose Gigante; 13th overall, Average Stage = 30.931

Copper Quincy; 15th overall, Average Stage = 31.363

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