Friday, December 07, 2007

What Time Is It?!?

I saw this picture that Carey Kid took at the November TVR match and thought is was an awesome photo that made Redneck Rebel look like Howdy Doody sittin' on my knee. Redneck may be much much smaller than I am, but there's not a cowboy I respect or admire more, nor one with a bigger heart. He owns TVR and is also El Presidente of the range, he does such a wonderful job of making sure his shooters are happy and is continuously tweaking this or that.

For instance, it has helped me greatly that he Gigantized the stages so that I don't have to bend down to shoot through the windows. I can't express how I appreciate that as the first range I started shooting at was run by a short cantakorous runt of a man who refused to acknowledge us big folk.

There aren't many cowboys I'd let sit on my lap, lots of cowgirls, but not many cowboys, Rebel is a rarity.

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