Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Broken Rope

Something I've always liked even before cowboy shooting is the Old West art from paintings to bronze sculptures, they're just the kind of art I like. Probably because they take you somewhere or set a seen for you, abstract art is, well abstract and not my cup o' tea. A while back Judge's wife was showing me some prints she had recently come by and one was a print of a CM Russell painting and I really liked and said something like I would actually hang that on my wall.

Now if you've ever been in my house, you know I don't have anything hanging on my wall, I just don't usually get excited about pictures and nick knacks. I guess the thought of me hanging something on a wall was too much, because last weekend Judge and Dina presented me with the print already framed, it now hangs proudly on my wall and I truly truly enjoy and appreciate the gift.

Thanks again you two.

PS you can read more about the artist at the C.M. Russell Museum

1 comment:

Judge Mint Day said...

It was a great accomplishment just to get you to hang something on those bare walls.

Glad you like it.