Monday, May 05, 2008

Flush With Pork

DSC00197.JPGThe Hooten Holler Roundup 08 is behind us and I for one had a great time. Sure, I shot like I hadn't seen a steel target before, but the camaraderie, food & spirits were certainly well worth the trip. I for one got my fill and then some of the hospitality of Kentucky and that along with the shooting let me relax and recharge the batteries if you will. Its better than any therapist could ever hope to be.

I've uploaded almost a hundred photos that Copper, Judge and I took over the two days of shooting, sadly we didn't think to have it along on our off range activities. From the pictures, you'll notice how much happier folks look on Sunday than they did on Saturday, what a difference the weather makes! Yes, once again, we had a day of rain and then a gorgeous day to shoot. The posse was one of the very best ever, I spent only about half the time running the timer and had some time to take pictures and actually talk to people. That's oh so nice to be able to do.

I was also able to take some video of a few of us shooting and it turned out nicely, I'll post it up soon.

Videos have been put up on

I got frustrated with the quality of YouTube, so I put this one up on Vimeo, much better quality.

Cowboy Action Shooting: Jose @ Hooten 08 from Jose Gigante on Vimeo.

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Judge Mint Day said...

Of course the title of this post is an inside joke, let's just say we all embarrassed ourselves at Sonny's Bar-B-Que.

As for the weekend it was great with good people, food, drink, cigars, etc.

We all had fun and as usual plan to do it again. Although, a regional is calling my name...maybe next year we'll have to look at Guns of August.

Great pictures and movies so make sure you check them all out.