Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Missed It By That Much

3 seconds actually.

Last weekend's TVR match was fun, real fun. We had a beautiful day, a lightning fast posse and big targets. BTW, I am heretofore referring to the posse's I run as "Easy Posse", since we're the best, period. Copper beat me, again, but I managed to give it what-for and tied him on rank points, but he edged me by 3 seconds on overall time.

I shot what, for me, was my fastest stage as a gunfighter at 18.79 seconds. I'm proud. I also kept all the raw times under 30, which is good for me at least. Now if I can settle down those pistols and hit the targets, but its too much fun to let 'em rip as a gunfighter. I need my own Yoda... and my own range... sigh...

Front sight press you must, hits shall you have.

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