Thursday, July 31, 2008

Damn Right Skippy!

Every once in a while one of your congress critters does something to make you believe they might actually have your best interest at heart. Indiana Rep. Mark Souder has a well-written letter to the WaPo editor in which he reminds the WaPo and everyone else that DC is subject to the constitution and the rulings of the Supreme Court the same as the 50 states are. It amazes me that anyone would conceivably argue that DC isn't subject to such, those same people are probably the same dimwits that are trying to give enemy combatants civil rights under our constitution. Why wouldn't they want citizens of the US of freakin' A to have them?!?!

Anyway, way to go Mark!

PS Rep Souder has entroduced a bill to end DC's resistance to the Heller ruling.

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