Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New Blog/Shooter

A new blogger/shooter, Pretty Pistolera has posted video of herself in practice for IDPA. Including advice she's received from her fellow shooters. I'm no range instructor, but I'd add that she should practice jam clearing the proper way every time, tap-rack-bang and not just pull the slide back because you know its a dummy round, it won't ever by that easy in competition or a gunfight.

I'm sure Judge will have much more advice, it'll even be useful.

BTW, keep sticking that butt out, that's fine form right there.

PS Welcome to the blogger/shooter world. If only more wives were interested in shooting...


Pretty Pistolera said...

Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it!

Re getting more women involved... this is the third time the topic has come up today. My husband brought it up at lunch this afternoon. Also, while listening to a recent Gun Talk podcast at the gym this morning, Tom Gresham was talking about the same thing! Stay tuned, I plan to spend more blog time on the subject.

Tracy, Pretty Pistolera

Judge Mint Day said...

I think that's the first time Jose has ever said I was useful.

Women control our world and if more were shooting (like my wife) I might get to shoot more as well!

Like Jose said make sure you tap/rack/assess (go/bang...that's a long debate in itself) If you keep practicing the rack without the tap you will do it with a real malfunction and likely end up with more problems then you started with.

Also work on a smooth trigger pull. Glock triggers can cause all kinds of trouble and they are easy to jerk. there's nothing like an old S&W model 10 to for learning trigger control.

Good luck and welcome to the wonderful world of shooting!

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