Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Does Not Compute

Michael Bane has the scoop on USFA's newest revolvers that are coming in 2009.  Needless to say, I just don't plain care for them.  They are ugly as it gets.  That said, to each their own, if you want a SA revolver painted in whatever tacticool color, good on ya.  I suppose if you wanted to Walk the Earth with a single action pistol that wouldn't rust at the first sign of dampness, you could get one of these (or you could just get stainless).  I wonder if they'll offer them in digital camo or zebra stripes?  How about a cow pattern to make them a true cowboy gun?

P.S. I wonder if these are SASS legal?  I don't think this has ever come up, maybe it never will, but I wonder if someone showed up at EoT with painted revolvers, would that be allowed?


Judge Mint Day said...

Good question; Does a high-tech finish constitute an external modification of the gun?

They got pissy over a guy wearing his gunbelt down low on his ass at EoT and they tried to make a new rule about it so I would bet they would nip this in the the bud...except doesn't SASS #2 Own USFA?

José Giganté said...

That's EMF I believe you're thinking of.

Cemetery's Gun Blob said...


They might be popular with color blind folks though.

Tam said...

I'd rather have the paint than soulless steel, personally, but that's just me.

(If they're going to paint 'em, can I get some sights along the lines of C&S's excellent "Extreme Duty" fixed sights?)

José Giganté said...

Ya know, I almost mentioned the sights. SA sights are terrible and if you're gonna paint them, may as well add some decent sights. Of course you could buy a Ruger Blackhawk and paint it to get that accomplished, but I understand that some folks prefer the peacemaker lockwork over the Ruger.

Me, I'll take a Ruger Old Model of any type in any finish over the USFA's cause I like the Soviet tank build philosophy of the Rugers.