Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Walking the Earth

This post by Tam has been sitting on my mind lately. I know it was an off hand remark, and the statement can really mean whatever you want it to mean, but damn if it don't make ya think.

What gun combo would you take with you to walk the Earth?

Walk the Earth can mean whatever you want it to mean and if you feel like defending it go ahead. If not, just proclaim it to the world.

Me? I think it would be my 4" S&W Model 66 and my Remington 870 (with the extended mag tube, Surefire forend, and Vang safety).


José Giganté said...

I'd go one of two ways.

Marlin 94 levergun in .45Colt and a Ruger Vaquero in the same or AR15 & stainless Colt MkIV Series 80.

The former is dead-reliable, rugged and capable of taking game upto and including deer and would be good for defense.

The later would give me a lot more ammo, hit harder and give me a chance of finding ammo easier.

So I guess it depends really. Now if the Zombie hordes are upon me, I'll grab a shotgun (whichever is closest) and a 1911.

If you MADE me choose and I didn't have a clue as to what I'd face, I'll take the Marlin and Ruger as I can work on them easily and as I said, they're utterly reliable.

James R. Rummel said...

I discussed this some years ago on my own blog. What would you choose if you were suddenly granted the right to travel armed anywhere? It seems reasonable to want a handgun for always-there defense, and a long gun for hunting as well as dfense.

The main thing that concerned me was balancing ammo availability, power, and ability to get it repaired if it breaks down.

The most common ammunition on the planet is the .22 Long Rifle, the second are shells for the 12 gauge shotgun. While the .22 has a lot going for it, I certainly want something with more teeth for my Earth walking. Give me a 12 gauge pump any day of the week.

The most common handgun ammo is, of course, the .22 Long Rifle yet again. The most common handgun-specific round is the 9mm Parabellum, which makes sense when one considers that the most popular military handgun of the 20th Century was the many incarnations of the Browning Hi-Power.

It seems to me that a H-Power makes a lot of sense. Good ammo availability, and there would certainly be a few gun smiths around who know how to fix one should it break.

So those would be my choice to wander the planet. A good 12 gauge pump with a variety of shells to cure what ails me, and a Hi-Power to give me comfort when something goes bump in the night.