Friday, January 23, 2009

1911 in .22LR

Picture 3-19It is nothing new having a 1911 converted to .22lr for economy of shooting, but the folks at GSG are bringing out a 1911 patterned pistol that should allow those who don't want to fuss with a conversion to have a 1911 in .22lr.  Sure, you could plunk down the money for a conversion from Kimber, Ciener or Marvel, but I don't really like the idea of adding that cost to a complete gun and I doubt I'd be the type to switch between the conversion and the standard chambering.  For those like me who'd like to have a rimfire practice pistol and especially one that closely or identically mimicks my fighting gun, this GSG 1911 seems to fit the bill.  No word on pricing, I'm hoping its under $400, GSG's other .22lr pattern-type guns are reasonable and they seem to offer plenty of goodies to bolt onto them.

The good and bad thing about this time of year, all the new guns come out, my mouth waters, eyes widen and my wallet takes a beating.

Via The Firearm Blog

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