Monday, January 12, 2009

Nightguard .41 Magnum

 Wcsstore Smwesson Upload Images Firearms 163428 LargeThe .41 Magnum is one of those cartridges that just never made it to the big time.  From what I understand, it was developed (by none other than the kings of magnum pistol cartridges, Bill Jordan and Elmer Keith) as a replacement for law enforcement to the .357 Magnum, but the ammo manufacturers made the loads too stout for comfortable usage.  Thus it has been pretty much relegated to hunting duty since.  Now we have the 10mm & .40 S&W that have pretty much taken that market over, but those aren't true wheelgun cartridges.

I've often lusted over the possibility of coming across a snubbie S&W Model 57, but the closest I've ever seen is a 4" version and everyone who's got one of the M57's wants a hefty price to wrest it from his grasp (rightfully so).  So now the new Nightguard S&W line has a Model 357 .41 Magnum 2.5" barrel example coming out in '09 that I'd love to try out.  This might be one of those S&Ws that overcomes my prejudice against the lock and the premium pricing.  Maybe.

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