Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shooting War

Unless you live under a rock, you've heard that the US A.G. William Holder has dropped the other shoe.  Sure, we all expected that the BHO White House would move to bring the US more in line with Socialist Europe, but there are those that held that because of recent strides of pro 2nd Amendment forces, that even BHO would have a tough row to hoe to bring about another AWB.  Well, what did it take?  35 days or so for them to start talking about how this is necessary and for what?  Mexico's safety?  Soverenty much?

Now if these pecker-heads want to ban a scaring looking rifle because they're scared of it and they hold some sort of false hope that this will curb violent crime (even in the face of overwhelming FACTS to the contrary) that's one thing, but to take away US citizens CIVIL RIGHTS over some shit in Mexico?  MEXICO!?!  Well, that just bullshit!

So for all you out there who said it wouldn't happen, how about now?  And for all you BHO apologists, go screw off would you?  I don't give a monkey's pimpled ass how much hope and change and unicorns made of rainbows D-Bag In Chief has promised you personally, this guy is going to leave this country far worse off than before he came to office.  Between spending us into oblivion, the push for "Fairness Doctrine" to the call for a "Scary Rifle" ban, your money, your rights and your dignity are being stolen right under your nose and all you can do is say "isn't it great we have a black President?"

Yeah, its terrific, now pass the borsch commrad.

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