Sunday, December 06, 2009

You Can't Argue With That

I ran across this video that relates (briefly) the Swiss take on defense, as a country and individuals and one citizens take on why he personally is so adamant about self defense.  Turns out a trip to a halocaust museum sparked his determination not to be a victim and he, like I, believe that the way to not be a victim, is to be able to properly defend yourself.

The video also follows the shooter to the Tiro Federale in Campagna Switzerland's national shooting day where over 200,000 Swiss go to the range and shoot their service rifles with government provided ammo.  There are over 500,000 service rifles residing in Swiss homes with a national population of only 7,000,000 people.  The men who are compelled to mandatory service in the military get to keep their service rifle and MUST keep it in their home.

The crime rate in Switzerland is the lowest in the world, I wonder why?  Shouldn't there be blood flowing in the streets with 500,000 ACTUAL assault rifles in homes?

Watch the video for more.

Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World

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