Friday, December 18, 2009

Scraping The Bottom

Jon Gosselin is in trouble with the law.I know that I'm swinging pretty low here, but I was setting up a new computer and the browser's default home page had a link with a picture of a guy shooting a gun with a caption "What's He Shooting?"  This drew my attention and stole a good 5 minutes of my life so I'm paying it forward to you dear reader.

Apparently, the gossip kiddies are up in, well arms, about some pictures of some douchebag from some horrible child exploitation reality TV show shooting a gun at his "estate".  Apparently reality TV d-bags aren't allowed to have guns wherever this picture of said d-bag was taken.  So everyone is weighing in with their opinion.  I'm sure the comment section is a freakish mix of reality TV fans and 2nd amendment types hashing out the intricacies of law and how it applies to TV d-bags with guns.

My opinion?  At least he has a decent grip and his stance isn't terrible.  Other than that, meh...  Who could possibly care?

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