Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Badges!?!.... So the topic of our shooting club getting badges was broached (is there a pun there?) the other day because currently, we are using a plastic badge that people don't like, it isn't period and its cheap. I've done some reasearch into getting badges with Thunder Valley Rebels and maybe something else on them like a seal or logo. Well there are many places that make badges for Law Enforcement and such, but those are really too heavy and too expensive for club badges and they don't really have the old timey look to them. Judge suggested Buffalo Brothers badges, but like always, he won't call anyone, so that was up to me.

Turns out the badges aren't that expensive even with a casting startup fee and a minimum amount of badges. For 15 badges, it works out to $350-$425 or $23-$28 each. That's much cheaper than the modern LE badges and it'll look more period correct and I think we'll sell far more of them. Win Win.... Win

I'm not much for badges, especially my SASS badge, but I'll wear a TV badge simply because I'm proud to be a member of TV and if it would help to promote the club, then I'm all in.

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Judge Mint Day said...

I like what Buffalo Brothers has to offer and I agree that it's more cowboy and will sell a lot more badges. My favorite is the Deputy Sheriff - Yavapai County badge. I think the top banner could say Thunder Valley and inside the star it could say Rebels, or Indiana, or a membership number if that's an option. I would kick in money for the start up.