Monday, May 22, 2006

What's in a hat?

Identity, that's what.Judge%20and%20the%20Giant%20Ky04

When I first started shooting SASS, I bought a cheap straw hat a) because it was cheap and b) because I couldn't get a felt hat to fit my big-ass head. I didn't like that hat, so I got a sombrero and that worked well for a while, but it wasn't made well and the writing was on the wall. Next came the Sunbody Sombrero that was made better and would tide me over until I got my custom felt hat from Tonto Rim. Finally, last year in August I acquired my custom made felt hat from Tonto Rim and I love the hat, but everyone asks "where's your hat?" You see, after 2+ years wearing a sombrero, everyone has identified me with that hat and now its odd for them to see me without it. You want my definition of frustration? try spending $250 and four months waiting on you custom hat only to have folks ask you where your crappy straw is!

Oh well, hot weather is coming and everyone will get their wish and I'll wear the sombrero so I don't melt.

That blasted new hat that I love and everyone else thinks I should forgo.

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