Wednesday, November 08, 2006


a cutie and a codger So last weekend Judge and I went to PVR or Pleasant Valley Renegades range to shoot some cowboy action. PVR is in its first year and is located in Pleasant Indiana near the Ohio river at Madison. Its a two hour drive from my house and while that's quite a drive to shoot, its worth it. The best thing about PVR is the people, the folks running the place are the best. Nomore Slim owns the land the range is located on and Lizzy of the Valley and Randy Atcher pretty much run things along with Nomore. They epitomize what's good about SASS and I really enjoy being around them let alone privileged to shoot at the range.

PVR makes you feel welcome and as comfortable as possible, providing bottled water and lunch for your $40 membership and $15 shooters fee. They also have a nice area where members can put cabins, Nomore and Randy have put a couple in for themselves that were prefabbed by an Amish guy. They look pretty cool if not totally cabin-like.

PVR shoot This match I actually made an effort to take pictures of shooters and decided to not do action photos because you only get the backs of people when you do that. I've posted them on my Flickr account so go see the kind of rift-raft I hang out with on the weekends.

This shoot we had a great time with the nice weather, easy stages and good pards. I didn't shoot particularly well, but I'm having fun even though Gunfighter seems to be kicking my ass. I've also loaded up some brass shotshells and those are really fun to play with and I even decided to load up some smokeless shotshell reloads just because I had the stuff to do it.

After the shoot, we had a chili super that featured several tasty chilis and a deep-fried turkey. If you haven't had a deep-fried turkey, you're missing something awfully tasty! It is probably the best turkey I've ever had. So after stuffing myself, smoking cigars and a couple of beers, we headed for the homestead.

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