Monday, February 04, 2008

Fairwell Tonto Rim

One of the really nice things about living in Southern Indiana as a CAS shooter is that we had a top-notch merchant within a short driving distance. Sure, shopping online is an option and I certainly do that, but there's something to be said for walking in a store and trying things on and seeing the quality, things that don't come across on a web browser. If you haven't guessed by my tone, Tonto Rim is closing down their store here in Indiana and that makes us sad. Sure, you'll still be able to order from them online and one assumes that the Tonto Rim store at Founder's Ranch will remain open for business.

You see, Judge and I saw this one coming, as soon as the owner of Tonto Rim, Denny, opened up that Founder's Ranch store, we figured it was a matter of time before he moved out West and operated from there, heck, that's what I'd do if I was him. Anyway, Indiana cowboys have until the end of February to make it over to Tonto Rim's Seymour store, after that, its adios.

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