Thursday, February 07, 2008

Firing Line Prayer

I really do sympathize with Mr. Owens in his Pajamas Media article on obtaining a carry permit in NC. For starters, I too have prayed at the firing line, frankly, sometimes shooters scare the hell out of me! The problem is, you can't tell who by looking at them, sure some look the part, but there are times when I'll take the octogenarian over the 20 something bubba.

I like the idea of a holstered lawyer too (Parades? Really?). However, I am privileged to live in a state without a lot of stupid restrictions on carry, in Indiana, its basically schools and casinos that I can't carry in, I don't really get the casino part, but then I don't go to them too often. Too bad not every state is as unrestrictive to our rights.

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