Friday, February 01, 2008

Old West Luggage

Since I've downgraded the size of my gun cart I needed to pick up a bag that I could pack all of my shooting gear. When you're dragging gun belts, holsters, shotgun belts, scarfs, spurs, cigars, cleaning gear, tools, glasses, earplugs, and other sundries you need something to keep you organized. I used to stuff most of it in the big gun cart and then had a little bag for everything else. Well the little bag got a hole ripped in it so I needed something different. Along came River Junction and the Deluxe Heavy Bag.

I have been a big fan of River Junction Trade Company for some time. They seem to carry all of the basics and a bunch of stuff to enhance the cowboy experience. Everything from guns to snake oil grace their catalog and its fun to just browse through it to see what's new. At the first of the year I ordered the Deluxe Heavy Bag hoping that it would be big enough for my needs, and I wasn't disappointed. The picture on the website made it look big, but I have been fooled before. This time it was completely accurate. This bag will hold all of my shooting gear and then some. If you're looking for a piece of luggage to pack for old west shoots I highly recommend this bag. It is solid in construction and huge.

Now I just need to get the snake oil.

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