Sunday, March 16, 2008


The gun show was disappointing. Like Jose I have become more and more disenchanted with the shows over the years. I remember going to the gun shows years ago and marveling over the number of guns and the great deals you could find. But along came the internet, and with it knowledge. Sites like Gun Broker, and Guns America let you compare prices, research guns, and generally have a ton of information at your fingertips. Of course the Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson that Jose picked up for me last year didn't help.

For example I have been looking for a K frame Smith & Wesson to go with the Model 66 my father gave me when I first started working. I have been wanting to make a custom carry gun so I have been looking for something solid, but not perfect so I can send it off for some work. I think my dream revolver might have been done by Grant Cunningham. My goal at this gun show was to find something to fit the bill.

I was happy to find the show had a number of K frames in a variety of barrel lengths, however they were all extremely overpriced. For example I came across a booth with a nickel 19-3 in what was close to very good condition. The catalog says it should run around $325. Now I know that basic economics is going to drive the cost of that gun so $400 wasn't outside my window. Guess how much the guy wanted...$565! That's right five hundred and sixty five dollars, and that wasn't the only one that was out of this world. I also checked out a 66 with a 4 inch barrel. It was obviusly a police trade in and hadn't been cleaned since Reagan was in office. It was in rough shape with a pitted barrel, asking price...$385.

What's the moral to my story? If anyone has a 66 in good shape I'll buy for $400...damn inflation!


Tam said...

Perhaps you should report him to the AG for "gouging".

(Hm. I can't seem to find the "snark" tag in html...)

José Giganté said...

Wrong poster Tam, this one was written by Judge Mint Day. Thanks for visiting though.