Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Word on NBC

No not the network, the bullet maker. National Bullet Company at one time was a good source of bullets and ammo for shooters in general, I have ordered from them before as well as Copper Quincy. This past November I made a stupid mistake in believing that they were still a decent supplier, maybe they'd take a bit longer, but they'd get me my bullets even though the SASS Wire was rife with reports of people not receiving products. "That's just the typical SASS bitching" I thought.

Well, four months removed, I've yet to receive my bullets, haven't been able to contact them via phone or e-mail. The Ohio BBB and Attorney General can't get a response, luckily I have a credit card company that can reverse the charges. That brings me to another point, DON'T USE PAYPAL! You see, PayPal promises protection for online purchases and leads you to believe that they're every bit as good as ol Visa/Mastercard or Discover. Don't believe the BS! They will essentially tell you that you're SOL after 45 days if you haven't filed a claim. Now for anyone who's ordered from an online CAS vendor, you know that 45 days may as well be 45 minutes, these vendors tend to run as fast as Molasses off a New Englander's ass in December.

So I've learned my lessons, if you have ANY indication that a vendor isn't square, don't buy from them, its that simple. And by all means take any opportunity to tell PayPal to screw themselves. Both these "services" are off my list of people who get my money.


Judge Mint Day said...

"these vendors tend to run as fast as Molasses off a New Englander's ass in December."

Wow, thanks for the visual.

Judge's wife said...

Wow, we have been married 10 years b/c I was about to comment on that same turn of phrase. Was this another one of your Dad's sayings, Jose? Love it....