Saturday, January 02, 2010

Only A Mother Could Love It

Or Me.

As ugly as this new revolver from Chiappa Firearms is, I want one.  Not from any reasonable standpoint mind you, I don't know if it is built well, shoots well, is reliable or has the ergonomics of a piece of rubble, but something about the looks of this snubby really calls to me.  It's called the Rhino and you can see why, it has a profile that is reminiscent of the African beast with the horn on its nose (here the part of the horn is played by the front sight).

This latest addition to the .357 revolver family has a somewhat unique arrangement that allows the barrel to be lower to push the recoil impulse lower into the hand and the theory is that it'll have less felt recoil than a traditional revolver.  As always, when you get something, you have to give up something else.  I wonder what it is in this case?  Weight?  Reliability? Ergonomics?

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