Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Pound Sand Newspaper Lad"

OK, so I'm not so much with posting about what other bloggers say, but Tam must have the same steroid guy Mark McGuire has when she commented snarked about the Muncie editorial.  My favorite quote has to be
It's against the law for a child molester to own or carry guns. It's not against the law for a child molester to write newspaper editorials, however. Not that I'm implying anything, of course. But don't parents with small children have the right to know?
By the way, the editorial is about the new bill introduced in the Indiana State House Natural Resources Committee to protect the License To Carry A Handgun Database from public.  As it is now, $35 will buy you the names and addresses of all Indiana LTCH holders.  Those of us who have said license, tend to think this is a bad idea as the criminal element could put two and two together and = my home being broken into.

Also, if you're unaware, the local, ahem, newspaper has deemed it necessary for "public safety" to put this database on their website so that anyone can search it.  Albeit by street alone, no actual address is given, but they legally could if they wanted to.

Much to my delight, my local representative Peggy Welch has sponsored the aforementioned bill to close the Handgun License database and for that, she's earned another vote from me.  I had originally written both her and Vi Simpson on the matter to make my feelings known, at least one of them may have listened and that gives me the warm & fuzzies to be honest.  I like it when I can feel (even if it isn't true) that a government elected official is actually doing something that benefits me.  We hear all to often about the bad ones and there seems to be an over abundance of them right now, but there are a few that aren't.

If you live in Indiana, I urge you to contact your local congresswoman to encourage them to get this bill out of committee and pass it in due haste.  The following list is Natural Resources Committee and they'll decide if this bill gets put to vote in the full house, so if you've got a rep on this committee, obviously, we need your help.

Chairman, bob bischoff;
Vice-chair, dave cheatham;
Bill sponsor, peggy welch;
nancy dembowski
Dale grubb;
Nancy michael;
Phil pflum;
Paul robertson;
Bob cherry;
Dick dodge;
Tim brown;
Sean eberhart;
Dan leonard;

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