Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I've just got a couple of updates.

The Indiana Senate & House passed bills that will close the hand license database from public information requests.  Thanks go to those who fought for it.  The's article on it mentions that this was passed over police objection.
Information that The Indianapolis Star used to discover that the state was granting gun permits to violent people -- often over the objections of police -- would be kept secret under a bill that passed the Indiana House on Tuesday.
Exactly what police are you talking about?  The rank and file officer or the political heads of departments?  In fact, I doubt you could even get a majority of police heads to say this is a bad thing.  You do notice that the article doesn't mention specifics, just that it was "often" objected to by police.  Sheesh, what good reporting there INDYSTAR.  They'll probably report that the Colts are often in the Superbowl.

More legislative WIN: The IN Senate bill 25 that prohibits employers from firing or restricting employees from having a gun locked in their vehicle passed 41-9.  Caleb has been on top of both of these bills all along and you should go read his blog to keep better up to date.

Georgia Arms update:  The Georgia Arms order from April 09 came on Friday and they mistakenly hadn't shipped everything.  I e-mailed them on Saturday and they replied back on Tuesday (closed for the weekend) and will ship the remainder or refund my money (my choice).  Overall, I can't say anything bad about them, but make certain they give you an expected delivery time for those backordered items.

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