Thursday, April 13, 2006

Big shoot this weekend

Our local club, Thunder Valley is having a lot of visitors from other clubs this weekend. Several are coming over from Illinois and several from the northern part of the state, so it should be a big turnout. I think all the cowboys from Illinois and a few locally will be camping on site Friday and Saturday, I believe there'll also be some shooting going on Sunday if enough folks want to. Redneck Rebel and Ellie May Moore are awfully hospitable people who will, I'm sure, impress the out of towners with their hospitality and fine shooting facilities. I need to figure out what I'm gonna bring for the pitch-in on Saturday evening, probably beans, but who knows. Judge and Copper are going down on Friday to test out the camping gear we'll use during the Kentucky State Match at Hooten Old Town. The Friday forcWinchester Gun Safe - 60" x 30" x 22" - Blackast is for storms, so bring your slicker guys!

I've been thinking more and more about the next gun I'm gonna buy, I think it might not be a gun at all, but a safe to store the growing collection in. I really should have one already, but since I live alone, I don't have to worry about children or others messing around with them. The thing I have to worry about is a break-in. That makes me think of my next gun after the safe and that just might be a house shotgun, either an 870 or something of the same level, but probably an 870. I'd put some sights on it and make sure it had a light and possibly a pistol grip stock, but that's about it.

m4PGSynthetic12Ga.jpg A Marine Magnum or maybe something a little more exotic like this Benelli would be terrific. The internet is a wonderful thing, in looking for the Marine Magnum link, I found that Remington is putting out a Tactical 870 line with some of the stuff I want.

I had to add this picture of an example of what I DON'T want! Good grief, ghost rings and a red dot? This looks unwieldy as hell and I'd hate to try clearing my house with it. Some bubba is pretty happy with it I'm sure.

Judge isn't the only gun snob here btw.

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